Maternity Pillow For Back Pain and orthopedic relief

The mental and physical shift a woman faces during a pregnancy is unparalleled to anything else. Many women find themselves struggling to catch a good night’s sleep and according to studies, more than 80% of women find disturbing sleep patterns during the course of pregnancy. What shall we do? – You may ask. Well, the most immediate remedy we can think of is to change your pillow. Pregnancy pillows are developed to make the sleeping experience comfortable and also helps in reducing uncomfortable pains and body aches.

Why is it difficult to sleep during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women undergo massive change both emotionally and physically and some of these changes make sleeping difficult. Hormones also play a vital role in your sleeping patterns. Hormones can alter your daytime and night-time sleepiness, tight muscles, snoring and many other discomforts.

As the pregnancy progresses, heartburn can also be caused by your growing baby putting pressure against the stomach, pushing digestive acids up your esophagus. Not to mention the stress related to anticipation about baby’s arrival. How painful will the labor be? What if something goes wrong? These thoughts and anxieties can keep many women awake for hours without getting sound sleep.

It is very important to have a healthy sleep routine for your own health and baby’s health and this is where the pregnancy pillows come in.

Using Full Length Pregnancy Pillows

A full-length pregnancy pillow may be right for you if:

  • You sleep on your side.
  • You don’t move a lot during sleep.
  • You have extra room on your bed.

The best way to use a full-length pregnancy pillow is to place it on your bed and wrap your hands around it and make sure the pillow is closes to you as possible.

Using U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

A u-shaped pregnancy pillow may be right for you if:

  • You toss and turn at night.
  • You like to sleep on your side or back.
  • You are looking for full-body support.
  • You have extra room on your bed.

U shaped pregnancy pillow is meticulously designed to allow you to transit from side to side in an easier manner. You will have the best cuddling partner with your U-Shaped Pillow and you can switch sides easily as well. U shaped pregnancy pillows are preferable for women who sleeps on their backs as these pillows offer strong support on both sides also protecting head, back and neck.

U shaped pillow can be found in the following sizes and you can choose based on your height and bed size

  • U Shaped 9FT Pillow: 108″ Each Leg (4FT 6″) 54″ – 18″ Width Approx
  • U Shaped 12FT Pillow: 144″ Each Leg 72″ (6FT) – 18″ Width Approx

Some insightful features of U Shaped Pillows

  • U Comfort Pillows are normally Anti – Allergenic and offers complete Maternity / Pregnancy / Nursing Support
  • The U-shaped pillow, long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body
  • Absolute Must Have Item for Pregnancy & Nursing
  • These pillows provide luxurious comfort and excellent support
  • U shaped Maternity pillows are filled with Premium Graded Hollow Fibre. However, materials can differ based on sellers
  • Helps cope with Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Maternity Discomfort, Restless Sleep.
  • It provides to sleep on both the sides without changing the pillow positions. It also supports while breast feeding
  • Anti-Bacterial, Hypo-Allergenic



Enough of sleepless nights during your precious expecting months!

The COMFORT COLLECTIONS’s U-shape pregnancy pillow is designed to follow the natural shape of your body from head to toe without bothering your body shape. The pregnancy pillow comes with a free removable and washable cover. Our U-Shaped head pillow allows you to get the right position and perfect height that is just right for you. The extra-long middle section of the pillow has the perfect width for your back or tummy support, depending on the direction you choose to sleep up in your pillow. The curved edges of the pillow will help you comfort your joints and give you a cosy and comfortable sleep all night long!

COMFORT COLLECTIONS’s pregnancy pillow is your full-body solution for expectant moms and individuals that replace all the extra pillows which you had to use to get a comfortable sleep. This pillow will support your back and prevent sciatica and lower back pain (commonly found with pregnant women and sedentary workers), tucks between your knees for help with back pain and temperature control, supports your tummy and holds up your head to aid in breathing and help prevent heartburn and other pregnancy pitfalls. The Bedding Royal’s body pillow helps an individual to wake up refreshed and energized. Even after the baby is born, it is just perfect to support the mother and her child for nursing as well.

Only because it is named or called Maternity Pillow doesn’t mean you are not allowed to use it!

This solitary U-shaped pillow is made to give your natural shape of the body a support that you actually need.

Even though it is specially designed for expecting or nursing mothers, it is also a great support for someone who needs a little extra support and relaxation during bed time.

Especially ideal for individuals in physical therapy, or people who experience symptoms of sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, fibromyalgia, post-surgery, and carpal tunnel syndrome, or people suffering from poor posture, back pain.

Feel Rejuvenated. Feel Better!

If you are one of those who are a deep sleeper and twist and turn whenever you are asleep and wake up with sore muscles and body pains, you should try this Wedge Pillow.

Its unique design creates a balance between support and comfort for a night of better sleep and less pain.

Product Features:

  • Unique C Shaped Maternity Pillow
  • Baby Nursing Cushion
  • Accommodates Different Sleeping Positions
  • Supports your back, front, sides, neck and head
  • Supports Proper Breathing
  • Helps Keep the Total Body Relaxed
  • Makes It Easy to Turn Over
  • Easier To Fall Asleep
  • Relieves Pressure
  • Machine Washable

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